Rubber Strip, Neoprene, and Chill: A Review

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Looking for a rubber strip that can withstand all your wild adventures? Look no further than this neoprene strip, perfect for all your rubber needs. With a 2 inch width and 1 foot length, this rubber strip is the perfect size for any project or activity.

Whether you're using this rubber strip for DIY projects, home repairs, or outdoor activities, you'll love how durable and flexible it is. Plus, with a 40A rating, you know it can handle whatever you throw at it.

And let's not forget about the plain backing. No need to worry about sticky adhesives ruining your project, this rubber strip is ready to go from the get-go. Just cut it to size and you're good to go.

This rubber strip is perfect for anyone who loves to get their hands dirty with DIY projects or needs a durable solution for outdoor activities. Plus, its 1/2 inch thickness is perfect for providing cushion and support for those of us with wide foot maladies, like bunions.

- Durable neoprene material
- 2 inch width and 1 foot length
- 40A rating for durability
- Plain backing for easy use
- Great for DIY projects and outdoor activities
- Provides cushion and support for wide feet

- Only available in black (sorry, colorful folks!)

In conclusion, if you're looking for a durable and versatile rubber strip, look no further than this neoprene wonder. With its plain backing and 40A rating, it's perfect for any DIY project or outdoor adventure. Plus, it's great for those of us with wide feet in need of some extra cushion and support.

Bottom line: 8/10, would rubber again.

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