The Wendy Oxford: A Shoe Fit for a Queen

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Don't you just hate when you find a pair of shoes that look amazing but feel like you're walking on hot coals? Well, fear not my fellow shoe-lovers, because the Propét Women's Wendy Oxford Flats are here to save the day (and your feet)!

Let's start with the obvious - these shoes are stylish as heck. The full grain leather with suede accents and twin zips give them a classic look that can be dressed up or down. But the real magic happens inside the shoe. The arch supporting high density open cell PU foam allows air to flow, keeping your feet cool and healthy. And for those of us with wide feet or bunion issues, the extra space is a godsend.

But wait, there's more! The flexible and light rubber outsole gives extra grip on all surfaces, so you can strut your stuff without worrying about slipping. Plus, the fact that they're diabetic friendly and have a removable footbed means they're perfect for anyone looking for extra comfort (or who needs to add their own orthotics).

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for - the pro con list:

- Stylish design
- Arch supporting foam for a healthy footbed
- Flexible and light rubber outsole for extra grip
- Diabetic friendly and removable footbed

- Limited color options

Overall, the Propét Women's Wendy Oxford Flats are a must-have for anyone looking for a shoe that's both stylish and comfortable. The extra space and arch support make them perfect for those of us with wide feet or bunions, and the diabetic-friendly and removable footbed is just the icing on the cake. The only downside is the limited color options, but with shoes this great, who needs more than one color anyway?

Bottom line: The Wendy Oxford is a shoe fit for a queen (or anyone who wants happy feet). 8.5/10.

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